Simply Dashing

rachel pally kourt

We at YMS are soooo excited about the newest Kardashian Pregnancy! Our Fav miss Kourtney K is up the duff for the 3rd time! Kourtney never fails to impress in her chic styles that she rocks so well and is proof that pregnancy does not mean that your style has to take a backseat during this new and exciting time. One thing for sure is I will be tuning into KUWTK to see what fun little outfits this hot mamma is wearing!Here are some of our favourite yummy mummy looks from Kourtney Kardashian from her last two pregnancies.

rachel pally bianca

Rachel Pally Bianca- personal fav! this dress not only looks super gorgeous it is also super comfortable! Rachel Pally makes some stunning clothes and her beautiful Jersey and flowy soft fabrics she uses makes her popular with many trendy mums to be. Kourtney completes the look with some cute fendi sandals and a fedora.


Ted Baker Deha birdie dress. Another non maternity dress that screams style and looks even better with the belly then without. This dress is no longer available in store but if your lucky it does pop up on ebay from time to time.




Pinkyotto- Great Gatsby dress. Such a beautiful dress which ticks all the boxes. Kourtney wore this amazingly at 7 months pregnant.

Rachel Pally Issa. this dress lets your inner goddess shine!It has been super popular not just for the Kardashian sisters (Kim also copied rocked this look)but for many mammas to be, we can’t get enough of the Rachel Pally Issa! This dress is available online at the Rachel Pally website.

Another Rachel Pally dress, here Kourtney wears the moondress from the Holiday 2012 collection. The bold colours and print are sure to be a stand out amongst the crowd.


From the luxurious Designers Hatch. This oozes chic style and comfort highly recommend this little playsuit if the budget allows!


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