El Nina effect Offspring style

Offspring- who doesn’t love this light hearted hit TV series on channel ten. We love checking out all the latest trends featured on the show each week, here is our top list of finds – offspring style!


Nina Proudmans hand bag– Handmade from 100% naturally tanned leather, the Noosa Amsterdam classic shopper bags are a one of a kind accessory.

The Tigerlilly universe jacket – sold out everywhere however ebay has had these pop up quite a bit but be prepared to pay almost double the RRP these babies have been going for upwards of $300! If you are lucky enough to own one you may be sitting on a house deposit!


Another gorgeous Tigerlilly dress. The Batik floral maxi was also featured on wonderland aswell. This dress is from Tigerlilly a few seasons ago and is no longer available, again your best bet would be Ebay but be prepared for an inflated price tag.

This beautiful Maxi skirt is from Binny. Nina does lover her maxi skirts and the binny maxi skirt works so well.

Django & Juliette Voss Taupe boots and Rich and royal top. Love this relaxed look the boots are still available.


We love this look and this just goes to show that because your Pregnant does not mean you have to wear maternity clothes. Nina is wearing a Tigerlily over size shirt and a denim waist coat.


Another cute maternity look from Tigerlily this time Zara was seen rocking the baroque sea print onesie and it is still available online! Bonus!


Absolutely loving this dress its the Emerald Kaftan by One season.


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