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Best baby shower gifts in Australia

Struggling on what to get your best friend for her baby shower?
Or how about that girl in the office that you’ve only said hi to once or twice.
No matter who it is you may be shopping for, We have rounded up the coolest baby shower gifts for 2014.


Sophie the Giraffe. This was a life saver for me! My little one would get so excited when he’d hear his Sophie squeak and would be almost hypnotized when he’d focus on her markings. I recommend these to all my new mummy friends as this was my absolute favorite teether I had for my baby. Prices vary greatly so beware! I’ve seen these for as low as $26.95 to as high as $50.00!!! The average price being $30.00.


The Ripple blanket is for sure the cutest blanket on the market right now. Perfect for brightening up the cott or using as a pram blanket, Super soft 60% cotton, 30% Azlon (Milk Fiber), 10% cashmere
Hand crochet with love. Available in 3 colours our favorite, the rainbow ripple blanket followed closely by the sky ripple. This guaranteed head Turner is $89.95


Where is the green sheep? By Mem Fox
A classic picture book for children of all ages. Where is the green sheep sends a cute message to kids that it’s okay to be different, and let’s face it who doesn’t love a good Mem Fox story book. Available in all good book stores.


Baby shusher this is one seriously cool gadget. It stays on for approx 30 minutes and you can control the volume so you don’t have to worry about it being to loud. babies almost instantly stop crying and fussing and start listing to the shusher, the constant shhh shh shhh relaxes them and helps to settle. For around $55.95 it’s well worth it for a good night sleep.


Avent Phillips steamer blender combined saves time and money simply wash and chop your fruit or veggies fill the water to desired amount let it steam, once it is ready it will beep and turn off then all you have to do is flip it over and blend! Beware where you buy this as prices vary greatly. The cheapest price we found was $149.95 and most expensive price was $239.95

Gro clock is a great way to teach your kids to stay in bed..When it’s bed time! The clock once set with your desired wake up time will turn to blue and little stars appear all around, one by one each star will dissappear, when the very last star fades away the clock will turn yellow and the sun will appear making it easy for the little one to see its time to wake up. Prices vary from $64.95 to $79.00

hug a bub baby carrier is a pure joy for Mums with slightly fussy babies or Mums who simply love having baby close. Great for bonding with your baby with the added convenience of having your hands free.
They are $79.00 for the original or $99.00 for the organic.


Classic rubber ducks. These are hot property in my house. My 18 month old has been obsessed with these ducks since he was about 6 months old- his first word was even duck! They are super cheap and you can pick them up at almost any department store. Word of warning they can get mold inside them from having water left in them so make sure you squeeze all the water out or replace them regularly. Our favourite rubber ducks are the tommee tippee ones.


GAIA baby starter kit is super handy, it contains 5 50 ml varieties of there baby skincare range in a wet bag making it easy to take along with you when you travel. This miniature GAIA Natural Baby set of 50ml sizes includes:
Bath and Body Wash
Baby Shampoo
Baby Moisturiser
Skin Soothing Lotion
Baby Massage Oil
There range is made from beautiful pure, natural and organic ingredients. Rrp $22.95

Looking for something a little more quirky? You will love these super cool chill, baby pacifiers Rrp $15.00

The Elf on the shelf is a family Christmas tradition. With the book you get your very own Elf who has been sent by santa to watch over the children to see if they are being good, each day mr elf will be hiding in a different place.
Why not start the tradition from the very beginning, and let a little magic into your house.


Beaba multiportion freezer tray, it has 7 convenient 60ml portions and is BPA free and microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. Rrp $24.95


Baby love by Robin Barker.
We all wish our new baby came with a users manual well unfortunately they don’t, but baby love would have to be the next best thing. This book is an essential item for new mums. Written by a retired midwife and child health nurse it has lots of information to help you through your childs first year of life. Rrp $35.95, I recommend you buy your books from Big w as they have 30% off the rrp of books every day.


ROCKABYE BABY lullaby renditions of are a great idea and bring a whole new meaning to rock your baby. They have a great range which includes lullaby renditions of ACDC, the beach boys, Aerosmith, the Beatles, Black Sabbath, Bob Marley, Blur and more. With both cds and music download cards available prices start from $11.99.


Aroma baby hospital set Perfect for the new Mum, the set includes special sensitive skin duo, Pure Baby Wash 150ml plus 125ml Pure Baby Moisture Lotion
(both completely aroma-free), Pure Rainwater Cleansing Bar 100gm,
25gm Barrier Balm and one travel size Aromababy item, all presented in a handy
plantation-pine wooden box. Rrp $44.95


Also from Aromababy is the Mum to be gift pack. Pamper and spoil the new Mum with these delicious skincare products. Each mum to be gift pack contains:
125ml Stretched to the Limit pre/post natal rich body cream in a handy tube
100gm Pure Rainwater Cleansing bar with organic chamomile and lavender
125ml aroma-free Mother & Child massage oil
chiffon bag of organic lavender (ideal for Baby’s clothes drawer)
trial pot of our delicious Aromabath powder
and a natural bathing sponge. All Aromababy products are free from nasties such as petrochemicals are Australian made and certified organic, rrp $44.95.


Pamper package.
I still remember when I got a pregnancy massage gift card for Christmas. It was aaamazzzing! Any mum or expectant mother would truly appreciate some relaxation and time to themselves to just lay back and be pampered. If buying a pregnancy massage as a gift be sure they are qualified and experienced in pregnancy massage.


Yummigo booster conveniently has a storage compartment and can be used as a bag on the go it makes traveling easy as you don’t have to worry about high chairs or holding your child in your lap when you visit friends. We purchased this in the blue and have had it for 7 months now and it’s still going strong, my little houdini is content in his booster and haven’t had him try to escape yet. Available for around $49.95.


Nappy cake. What a cute way to give a new Mum something that she will need an abundance of. Depending on what you are wanting prices can vary greatly some have little extras thrown in such as booties, hats and grow suits and some are just the basic cake made of nappies, what ever you decide this is guaranteed to get used.


Skip hop sleep bags. These are awesome sweet sleeping bags. The skip hop branded ones are my personal favourite, not only are they super cute they also come in different thicknesses or togs from 0.5 togs for the heat of summer and warmer nurseries to a warm 2.5 tog for the winter and cooler nurseries. Rrp is $64.95 but little bo peeps sweet boutique on Facebook have them incredibly cheap at $25.00

Handy tip, Most Mums will receive a lot of gifts for when the baby is quite small so when buying clothes and toys etc it’s best to buy something for them to wear or use after the first year.


Simply Dashing

rachel pally kourt

We at YMS are soooo excited about the newest Kardashian Pregnancy! Our Fav miss Kourtney K is up the duff for the 3rd time! Kourtney never fails to impress in her chic styles that she rocks so well and is proof that pregnancy does not mean that your style has to take a backseat during this new and exciting time. One thing for sure is I will be tuning into KUWTK to see what fun little outfits this hot mamma is wearing!Here are some of our favourite yummy mummy looks from Kourtney Kardashian from her last two pregnancies.

rachel pally bianca

Rachel Pally Bianca- personal fav! this dress not only looks super gorgeous it is also super comfortable! Rachel Pally makes some stunning clothes and her beautiful Jersey and flowy soft fabrics she uses makes her popular with many trendy mums to be. Kourtney completes the look with some cute fendi sandals and a fedora.


Ted Baker Deha birdie dress. Another non maternity dress that screams style and looks even better with the belly then without. This dress is no longer available in store but if your lucky it does pop up on ebay from time to time.




Pinkyotto- Great Gatsby dress. Such a beautiful dress which ticks all the boxes. Kourtney wore this amazingly at 7 months pregnant.

Rachel Pally Issa. this dress lets your inner goddess shine!It has been super popular not just for the Kardashian sisters (Kim also copied rocked this look)but for many mammas to be, we can’t get enough of the Rachel Pally Issa! This dress is available online at the Rachel Pally website.

Another Rachel Pally dress, here Kourtney wears the moondress from the Holiday 2012 collection. The bold colours and print are sure to be a stand out amongst the crowd.


From the luxurious Designers Hatch. This oozes chic style and comfort highly recommend this little playsuit if the budget allows!